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Has a loved one been charged and taken into custody but not released?

Has a loved one been charged and taken into custody but not released? An accused often has certain rights to liberty during the legal proceedings. The presumption of innocence is an important principle in Canadian Law. Call Steve to see if a bail hearing can be set to argue for their release. 

Under the Criminal Code¸ the accused has the right to a bail hearing within 24 hours of being arrested if a judge is available, or as soon as possible if one isn’t.

Your loved one has the right to speak with their lawyer.

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Steve will assist in planning and presenting your bail plan to the court. These details are vital to instill confidence to the court when deciding an accused’s release. A successful bail plan can have a variety of demonstrable elements of supervision, accountability, pledge, checkpoints, and other release conditions. A creative plan can be the difference between liberty and being in custody for the duration that your case is in the legal system.

At the bail hearing Steve has repeatedly demonstrated his persuasiveness in securing his client’s release. Steve will argue before the court and present comprehensive plans backed with case law to convince the court to make the release order.

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