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Norton Law is recognized as one of the GTA’s top criminal defence law firms. Earning our reputation for success through hard fought trials, we are committed to the best outcome for our clients, no matter the circumstance. When you choose Norton Law to represent you, you are choosing a law firm that will fight for your future, giving you our best service, every time.

For many, being charged with a criminal offence is their first experience navigating the legal system. Being investigated or charged can be a very overwhelming process. The Canadian Criminal Code is complex and conviction of a criminal charge will change your life forever. With your reputation and future freedom on the line, many clients can feel pressured, Norton Law slows down the decision making process to your time. Steve will go over your legal landscape and explain your options.

Norton Law understands how difficult a criminal charge can be for you and your family and we take care in helping you navigate this difficult time. With a foundation based on hard work and support, we have the knowledge to guide you through this process and the legal expertise to build you the strongest defence.

If you have been charged with a criminal offence, take control of your future and contact Norton Law’s Markham office.

Our firm proudly represents clients on all criminal charges including:

Norton Law is recognized as one of the GTA’s top criminal defence law firms


    Steve has always had an interest in defending those in their time of need. As a Criminal Defense and Litigation Lawyer, he takes great pride in passionately advocating for his clients and embraces a hard-won fight. Learn More about Steve

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    Markham is one of the largest cities in the sprawling GTA. Located within the municipality of York, Markham is home to more than 350,000 people. Markham has the largest population in York and the fourth largest in the GTA. Recognized as Canada’s most diverse community, Markham citizens regularly enjoy inclusive cultural celebrations, honouring their shared rich heritages. Markham is also a business powerhouse, continuing to lead the way with explosive economic development, supporting hundreds of corporate offices and thousands of technical corporations.