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Manslaughter is a murder charge which does not meet the definition of First Degree Murder or Second Degree Murder. Often referred to as “Culpable Homicide,” manslaughter occurs when a person’s actions result in the death of another person, without planning or intent. Manslaughter charges can be through criminal negligence, threatening actions or the fear of violence.

If you have been charged with the death of another person, you need a criminal defence lawyer to represent you and explain your story to the court. In many cases, an expert attorney can be the difference between a murder or manslaughter conviction. Different from murder charges, manslaughter has no minimum sentence, but can carry a maximum sentence of life in prison. If convicted you will have the opportunity for parole, however anyone granted parole after being sentenced to life in prison will remain on parole for the rest of their life. With so much on the line you need a lawyer who fights to win.

Your attorney is your first step to freedom. We will help negotiate your bail release so you can return home as we prepare your case. Your lawyer will help you understand your charges and options, while creating a comprehensive legal defence to fight for your freedom.

A manslaughter charge does not have to mean a conviction. You have the right to a lawyer to defend you and tell your story. You have the right to a bail hearing, and you deserve to have these rights protected. If you or someone you love has been charged with manslaughter, take control of your future and contact Norton Law today.

Your attorney is your first step to freedom.


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