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Theft charges are not always as straightforward as the system will have you believe. Differentiated between theft under $5000 and theft over $5000, each charge is understood as distinct from the other, with their own set of occurrences and penalties.

Common occurrences of theft under $5000 include shoplifting, theft from an employer (also known as breach of trust) or the theft of sentimental items from someone/somewhere with emotional value. While the theft of these lower cost items may not seem like criminal charges, the court has the ability to determine how they are processed, and convictions can result in fines and up to 2 years in jail. In contrast, theft over $5000 is automatically an indictable offence, carrying a maximum sentence of up to 10 years in jail if convicted.

If a theft occurrence includes the use of force your charges can be increased to robbery. Depending on the circumstances, if it is found the theft was planned through deceptive or fraudulent means, theft can be increased to fraud. Both of these increased charges have much harsher penalties, including jail time. No matter the circumstance of your charge, it is essential you have a criminal defence attorney to represent you through your legal proceedings.

Steve Norton is a brilliant criminal defence lawyer, representing clients across Ontario. With a track record of success, Steve knows how to fight and win for his clients. Steve represents all his clients personally from start to finish, fighting to negotiate their bail release as he prepares to defend their innocence in court.

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