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Sex Offences

Sex offence charges can instantly ruin your life. At times even the allegation of a sex offence can cost you your employment and reputation. Conviction of a sex offence will have extreme and critical impacts for the rest of your life.

Sexual offence charges can include anything from minimal touching to more aggressive forms of contact including rape. Under legal examination many accusations lose their credibility, often revealing themselves to be false or distorted from the truth. Unfortunately for the accused, the stigma of a sexual offence charge can make it tempting to accept a plea deal or lessened charge to avoid going to court. This rash decision to avoid shame or embarrassment is often the worst thing you can do.

If you plead or are found to be guilty of a sexual offence you face severe punishments including lengthy imprisonment times. Depending on the details of your case you can also be identified as a sex offender, showing up in any vulnerable sector inquiries with mandatory inclusion in the Ontario Sex Offender Registry, the National Sex Offender Registry database, and National DNA Databank. This conviction will control your entire future, restricting where you can go, live, and work for the rest of your life.

Whether you are being questioned, accused, or charged with a sexual offence, time is of the essence and securing experienced legal representation is the most important step you can take. Remember, accusations do not mean convictions and accused people have legal rights.

Norton Law is trained in criminal defence and will help you understand your risks and fight your charges. We will guide you through this emotionally terrifying time quickly and efficiently, as we work with you to build a case that protects your future.

When your future is in the balance, make sure you have Norton Law on your side.


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