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Fraud charges have become increasingly common in Canada. Different from theft, fraud is defined as a dishonest act where the accused knowingly and deliberately deceives another for their own benefit or gain.

Fraud can take many forms and common examples include credit card, charity, insurance, mortgage or real estate fraud as well as internet fraud. Similar to theft charges, fraud is also separated by under $5000 and over $5000. No matter the circumstance, fraud charges need to be taken seriously, because if you are convicted of fraud, this conviction has the power to ruin your life.

Factors determining a criminal fraud conviction include the complexity of the deceit, the number of victims affected and if the accused was in a position of power or trust when the act was committed. A fraud conviction will subject you to fines, restitution and in many cases jail time. Fraud charges also threaten your employment, financial security, and your family’s future wellbeing.

Choosing the right criminal defence lawyer is your first step towards protecting your future. As a trained litigator, Steve Norton has the experience and tenacity to win your case. Known for his laser focus and tireless work ethic, Steve is the attorney you want on your side when times are tough. Having earned his Juris Doctor law degree and a Master of Business Administration, Steve knows the law and how to win.

Norton Law represents clients across Southern Ontario on all criminal charges. With a track record of success, Norton Law will help you understand your charges while preparing a comprehensive defence to secure your future.

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Steve has always had an interest in defending those in their time of need. As a Criminal Defense and Litigation Lawyer, he takes great pride in passionately advocating for his clients and embraces a hard-won fight. Learn More about Steve

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