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Driving Offences

In Ontario, driving offences are strictly regulated by the Criminal Code and the Highway Traffic Act. Charges under this act are taken very seriously by the court and penalties are designed to keep you off the road.

If you are convicted of a driving offence you will face heavy fines, loss, or suspension of your driving licence and in some cases jail time. The consequences of these convictions will create devastating financial burdens and risk jeopardising your employment and personal freedom.

Types of Driving Offence Penalties:

  • Driving with a suspended licence: An automatic impound of your vehicle and fines up to $5000 and/or imprisonment.
  • Stunt Driving: Either in competition with another driver, or at excessive speeds of over 40-50km above the speed limit depending on the zone you’re caught in. Stunt driving charges result in immediate roadside suspension and the impound of your vehicle, and if convicted you will face further suspensions and up to $10,000 and/or jail time of up to 6 months. Repeat offences increase in severity and a third offence will strip you of your licence for life.
  • Failure to Stop/Failure to Remain: Any Ontario driver directly or indirectly involved in an accident is legally obligated to remain at the scene of the accident. Failure to stop or remain can result in the suspension of your licence and fines of up to $2000 and/or up to 6 months in prison.
  • DUI: DUI convictions can ruin your life with extraordinary financial penalties, suspensions and even jail time. All criminal convictions result in criminal records which further impede your life.


No matter the charge, having a dedicated criminal lawyer on your side is always your best defence. Norton Law tirelessly defends our clients on all driving offences from initial bail hearings through court trials and any appeals. Steve can keep you on the road and out of jail. Contact Norton Law today to discuss your case.

No matter the charge, having a dedicated criminal lawyer on your side is always your best defence.


Steve has always had an interest in defending those in their time of need. As a Criminal Defense and Litigation Lawyer, he takes great pride in passionately advocating for his clients and embraces a hard-won fight. Learn More about Steve

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