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Mischief charges are prosecuted under the Criminal Code and anyone convicted of these charges can face severe consequences including jail time.

For many, a mischief charge can be an accused’s first experience with the law and the outcome of these charges can determine their future. Mischief can include vandalism or destruction of property or obstruction or interference with the law. Sentencing is often based on the results of the damage, and typically falls under $5000 or over $5000. In many cases a strong criminal defence can decrease penalties to allow offenders to make amends through apology, donation and repair of any damage caused.

Consequences can become more severe if it is found that mischief was committed for the purpose of prejudice or hate. Mischief based on race, religion or affecting war memorials or cultural property are severe offences with harsh penalties including up to 10 years in prison.

If you have been charged with mischief it is important you obtain an experienced defence lawyer to protect your rights and fight your charges. Norton Law will work with you to determine the extent of your charges and ensure you are protected every step of the way. Using your personal history backed by strong case law, Norton Law will negotiate your bail release, while preparing a comprehensive defence that protects your future.

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