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Similar to theft, robbery is the act of stealing from another, however robbery offences include the use of violence, force or the threat of violence. Robbery charges can also be made through an assault with the intent to steal. In some cases, having a weapon during a theft is enough to create a robbery charge.

Conviction of robbery under the criminal code is a serious offence and you will receive jail time and a criminal record. Depending on the circumstances of the robbery your charges can be increased or compounded. The maximum sentence for robbery can be life in prison.  

Being charged with robbery does not mean you will be convicted of robbery. In Canada, the presumption of innocence is a guiding principle of the law, and all accused people have rights that need to be protected. If you are accused of robbery, you have a right to an attorney and the right to reasonable bail. You cannot be denied bail without just cause. You are also entitled to a bail hearing within 24 hours if a justice is available, or as soon as possible when they become available.

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